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Who / what is goedkopevliegtuigtickets.be, how does this website work and is the website affiliated with IATA?

What are my rights as airline passenger (eg lost baggage, delays, cancellations)?

About searching, booking and our confirmationUp ↑

Is all flight information shown up-to-date?

Can I fly from / to a place other than the original destinations?

Are all the times indicated in the search results local times?

What does the indication +1 mean that sometimes stated ‘next to the flight

Can pregnant women fly?

Is the transfer between different airports in the same city included in the ticket price?

Can I request a quote by email or phone?

How do I know my reservation is in order?

I did not receive a reservation code. Is my reservation ok?

What is my booking code?

Is it possible to make a reservation by phone?

How short before departure can I book?

Can I travel with a baby that will be two years during my trip?

What does the Law on Market Practices mean for purchasing Plane Tickets?

Are there restrictions on parents travelling with his/her child younger than 15 years?

I have not received an e-mail confirmation

Changes and cancellationUp ↑

I booked a ticket. Can I change or cancel?

Until what time before departure can I cancel my ticket?

Check flight schedule one day before your departure!

IncheckenUp ↑

How far in advance should I check-in?

Where do I find my check-in desk at the airport?

Can I check-in online?

Unforeseen (eg missed flight or strike)Up ↑

I missed my flight, what to do?

There is a strike, what advise do you have for me?

Lowcost airlines information Up ↑

How do I the total price (including baggage fees and credit card fees)?

How can I pay for a ticket on a low-cost carrier?

Which description is on my bank or credit card statement?

Is baggage is included in the price?

When will I receive my e-ticket?

Can I check in online with a low-cost carrier?

Can I change or cancel my ticket?

Can I request assistance (for disabled passenger/unaccompanied child or young person) when I fly with a low-cost carrier?

I get an error at the end of the booking process, what can I do?

Where can I review my lowcost booking?

Security en privacyUp ↑

How does goedkopevliegtuigtickets.be handle my personal information?

How can I pay for my ticketsUp ↑

How can I pay?

The system does not accept my credit card. How can that be?

Can I book tickets for someone else but pay myself?

Can I pay in installments?

When will my credit card be charged?

Should the credit card used for the booking be shown on departure?

Which description is on my bank or credit card statement?

Are reservation- or administration fees refundable?

Complete list of our fees and costsUp ↑

Click here for a complete list of our fees and costs

Ticketing fees?

Manage my booking onlineUp ↑

I want to see my reservation online. Is that possible?

I have a question about my hotel booking.

Baggage and preferencesUp ↑

Can goedkopevliegtuigtickets.be pass my wishes for my airplane seats and/or meals to the airline?

What kind of luggage can I take?

Do you provide luggage tags?

How many pounds of luggage can I take + locking your luggage

Can I use my frequent flyer number?

Can I bring my sports equipment?

I am disabled. Can my wheelchair along?

I want to take my bike.

What can I take in my hand luggage?

Purchases at airports and on board

Cabin baggage items must be separated

Do these rules apply everywhere?

I want to file a complaint and/or have suffered damage

We are an intermediary

E-ticket (travel documents)Up ↑

How do I receive my tickets?

Is flight reconfirmation required

Can I give my tickets to someone else and/or resell my tickets?

Can I just use the return portion of a ticket?

Part of the journey is by train

Paspoort, visum, inentingenUp ↑

Are children required to have their own passport

Is my identity card valid for my destination?

How long should my passport be valid?

Do I need a visa for my chosen destination?

Do I need vaccinations?

What should I do if I go to the United States?