My booking & E-ticket printing**

If you have booked a scheduled flight, you can review your booking here and then print your e-ticket. With your e-tickets you can then (24 hours before departure) check-in online and print your boarding pass. When you fly with a low-cost carrier, another procedure applies. Find more information below.

* Your bookingcode can be found in our email confirmation.
** Important: Before you retrieve your booking please read the information below!

My hotel reservation

Your booking number and PIN code are listed in the confirmation email.
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Important information on accessing your reservation

The retrieval of your booking and the printing of your e-tickets is available for all scheduled flights (top of this page). The reservation code to call your booking can be found in our email confirmation.

Please note that for low-cost airlines the procedure works differently, below you can read how the retrieval and printing your e-tickets for lowcost airlines works:

If you have booked on one of the airlines below then you fly with a low-cost airline:

  • Aer Lingus (EI)
  • Air Arabia (3O)
  • Arkefly (OR)
  • Blue Air (0B)
  • Condor (DE)
  • Corendon (CR)
  • Easyjet (U2)
  • German Wings (4U)
  • HOP! (A5)
  • TUI fly (TB)
  • Jet2 (LS)
  • Norwegian (DY)
  • Ryanair (FR)
  • Thomas Cook Airlines (HQ)
  • Transavia (HV)
  • TUIfly (X3)
  • Vueling (VY)
  • Wizz Air (W6)

If you fly on Transavia, Thomas Cook Airlines, Corendon or Norwegian you will recieve our information by email.

If you fly on Air Arabia or TUI fly then your bookingcode and passport are all you need to check in at the counter of the airline at the airport, these two companies are currently not offering any online checkin opportunities.

If you fly with one of the other budget airlines from the list above you can check-in through the website of the airline with the bookingcode (see our confirmation e-mail) and your family name. We will send you an explanation via email.

Print E-tickets

In case you have booked a scheduled flight you can go to the top of this page to retrieve your e-ticket numbers and print your e-tickets (from 24 hours after booking). You need this e-ticket print to check-in online. Check-in can mostly be done only short before departure, usually 24 hours in advance.

Do you need to change or cancel your reservation?
For more information please go to our customer service pages.


For more information about changing and canceling your hotel please go to our ‘hotels faq’ kijken.